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The fact that Tosca does not exercise or enforce certain rights under these General Terms and Conditions or any stipulation of the Website, cannot be seen as a waiver of that right or a waiver of Tosca’s right to enforce any other stipulation. A waiver by Tosca of any violation of any stipulation of these General Terms and Conditions will not be deemed to be a waiver of any violation of any other stipulation of these General Terms and Conditions.

The fact that one stipulation of these General Terms and Conditions is null and void or not enforceable does not render any other stipulation, or the entirety of these General Terms and Conditions null and void or unenforceable. In the event that the validity or enforceability of any stipulation of these General Terms and Conditions is questioned or challenged, all parties involved will, in good faith, do what is reasonably necessary or useful to ensure that this stipulation remains lawfully valid, or will replace such stipulation by another stipulation with equal economic effect for all parties.

Belgian law applies exclusively. In the event of a dispute, the parties involved will endeavour after a reasonable amicable solution. If, in spite of such efforts, no amicable solution can be reached, any dispute resulting from this Agreement falls under the exclusive competence of the courts of Antwerp, district of Antwerp, on the understanding that Tosca will always have the option to choose the competent court of the judicial district of the other party.

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