About us


Tosca is a global leader in reusable packaging solutions

We enable a future where sustainable solutions for packaging and transport are essential, and disposable is a thing of the past. We have over 100 years of experience optimizing supply chains end-to-end-in the “first mile” from field and factory to the “last mile” before retail. Our customers cover different industries. From growers to processors and retailers. But also other industries like, packaging, pharmaceuticals, textiles, and more. Our product systems are designed to be individually powerful, and together unbeatable.

Welcome to how the supply chain was meant to run. Welcome to the reusable revolution.


Why plastic reusable packaging?

Strong, long-lasting plastic crates, pallets, dollies, and bulk containers protect your products, protect the planet, and reduce your costs. The value of reusable packaging:

  • Higher quality products,
  • Reduced damage
  • A zero-waste, sustainable solution
  • Washable, food-grade assets
  • Time-saving - easier on workers
  • Size and weight consistent
    • Optimized space in trucks, distribution centers, and backrooms

We help you find the right type of reusable packaging that fits your packaging needs at the right price.


A partner with a robust product portfolio

Only Tosca has a portfolio of reusables that covers your entire supply chain from end to end. Tosca RPCs, pallets, and other reusable supply chain solutions can be purchased as a direct sale from Tosca, with or without additional washing and maintenance services. Each is designed to drive higher-performing supply chains - reducing waste, protecting quality, and lowering costs.


A partner that grows with you

Tosca is a dependable, high-performing partner for your supply chain, whatever your industry. And we have been for decades. Our customers include the world’s biggest and best suppliers and retailers. So partner confidently—we have the experience, financial capacity, and manufacturing capability to serve and grow alongside your global supply chain.

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